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You Can Negotiate with Credit Card Companies.

Exercise Your Negotiation Power

Some people would never think of this, but you can negotiate with your credit card companies for a variety of things. If you have carried a card for more than 6 months and paid on time, customer service is usually willing to listen and negotiate.

  • You can ask for a lower interest rate.
  • You can ask for a higher credit limit.
  • You can request they waive fees for a late payment.
  • You can request they waive an annual fee.

Generally all you have to do is ask nicely. If they don’t respond to that you can always tell them that ABC Bank made you a better offer and that you will take your balance and go over there. They like your money and if you are a good customer they don’t want to lose you so they will often do what they can to oblige.

Be polite, professional, courteous and friendly and they will usually do just what you ask. Make sure you make note of who you spoke to, at what number and when, for future reference.

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