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Get Help

Sometimes the problem is bigger than you can handle on your own. There are non-profit counseling services available in you neighborhood that will help you straighten everything out. Credit Unions, social service offices, schools, churches and a variety of other places have counselors who might be able to help you. But, you have to be willing to make lifestyle changes or you are just putting a Band-Aid on a very big wound, your bleeding pocket book needs major surgery.

Credit Counseling Services

Sometimes it does not seem possible to manage the problem of being overextended financially. If you are unable to solve your financial problems alone, counseling services can help you set up a budget and a debt payment plan. Nonprofit financial counseling agencies charge little, if anything, for their services. Military bases and industries often hire people that can help you manage your debts. Housing authorities, credit unions and universities sometimes provide financial counseling

  • What is your net worth?
  • What is your current income?
  • What are your expenses?
  • Exactly how much do you owe?
  • What is your credit rating?
  • What interest rates are you paying on mortgage and loan balances?
  • What interest rates are you paying on credit cards?
  • When are your payments due?
  • Are your expenses higher than your income?
  • How much money do you need?
  • By when do you need it?

Answering these questions may be the last thing you want to do, however most people experience a sense of relief when they finish. You might even find things are not as bad as you imagined.

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