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Credit Cards for Good Credit

If you read the credit card selection page, you realize that both your payment style and credit rating are important in choosing a credit card that is right for you. If you are a person who regularly pays off your entire balance every month the most important factors are fees, and grace periods. On the other hand if you carry a balance then the most important factor would be the interest rate

Having a good credit history is so important, if you have one then you will have many choices of credit card offers. Credit cards are a very competitive business and great interest rates are available.

Reward cards

Many credit cards will offer additional incentives to get customers. These come in the nature of rewards. To choose reward cards it’s important to know which rewards will work for you and your lifestyle. Rewards vary and can be as simple as cash back or air miles, or auto purchase points. Make sure you understand how the reward works so that you aren’t saving for an impossible dream.

Important strategy - Get rewards and save money

Depending on your payment habits you might want to carry two different cards. One, a reward card that you pay off every month and another with a low interest rate, for large purchases, that you can carry a balance on.

Using a balance transfer option to switch your balance to a lower rate card can save you money. If you look at the How APRs make a difference page it will show you how. Many cards will offer balance transfer options to get you to open an account. Many of these offers include balance transfer checks as well. You want to transfer to Low introductory rate credit cards to get the most benefit.

Credit cards for people with good credit:

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