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How to get a credit card when your credit is damaged.

Have you destroyed your credit by not paying your bills on time? Have you defaulted on a student loan, declared bankruptcy in the past 10 years, or have you never had credit before? Are you finding it difficult to establish credit because of a poor or damaged credit rating?

There are ways to create a positive credit history. There are companies actually willing to help you establish a positive credit rating. There is hope for your credit rating and your financial outlook.


Secured Credit Cards are an easy way to establish your credit. A secured card is one that is backed by a savings deposit in the amount of the approved credit limit. You deposit money with the company; and they give you a credit card. They report your use and payment history to the major credit reporting companies, which in turn report to credit companies. If you make small purchases, pay them back on time or in full every month, you create a positive credit history for yourself. If you make late payments or don’t pay at all, they can take the money you have on deposit to pay your debt. Secured credit cards, if used properly, can help you rebuild your credit.

> Get Secured Credit Cards


Prepaid Visa or MasterCard or reloadable credit cards are like a prepaid cell phone. The money is on the card, you can use it like a credit card in most places and you can reload them anytime you need more money. Not all but some of these cards report to the credit companies so will help you to fix your credit. They are handy though if you don’t want to carry cash or checks around with you.

> Get Prepaid Visa or MasterCard



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