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Credit Card Basics

Best Credit Card Application:
How in the world do you decide on the best card for you? "Shop around. In general everyone wants the card that costs the least and saves the most. If you have bad
Deciphering the Fine Print
The Federal Truth in Lending Act requires credit card issuers to display the costs of credit cards in an easy-to-read box format on most applications and solicitations.
Credit Card Interests
When you are shopping for the best credit cards, it is important to consider the way the finance charges are calculated. There are several different calculating methods
Credit Card Fees
All credit cards have fees. But not all cards have the same fees or the same rates for determining fees. What are those fees?
How to compare credit cards
It’s important to do your homework and comparison shop for credit cards. Good shopping will save you money on fees and interest charges. There is a wide variety
Risk Based Pricing
Risk-based pricing is the practice many lenders are using to allow people to qualify for credit who previously wouldn’t have been able to qualify. It is the method of
Instant Online Approval
In the past you had to wait quite awhile to get credit card approval. The internet has changed that all overnight. Now you can get approval in minutes.
Credit Card Rewards
Credit rewards cards are nice to have. It’s a little like getting your money to work harder. There is considerable competition between credit card companies. In order
Balance Transfer
Interest rates are constantly changing and can get completely out of hand. If your interest rates are too high a good way to deal with it is to get a balance transfer.
Best Credit Card Application
There are so many different credit cards out there. What do you need to know to choose the best one for you? First off learn about the differences in card types,
Credit Card Introductory Rate
In order to get your business, a credit card company might offer an introductory rate, this rate usually lasts for about 6 months. When the introductory rate expires
How APRs Make A Difference
Here is an excellent example of how transferring your balance to a credit card with lower interest and no annual fee can save you money can save you money.
What is a Grace Period?
When credit card shopping make sure the card you get has a “grace” period. This is the amount of time between purchase and when the card company starts charging
Credit Card Monthly Statement
Every month you get a statement from your credit card company. It is chock full of information and it is a good idea to go over them carefully every month to look for



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