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Instant Online Approval (How Instant Credit Card Approval Works)

In the past you had to wait quite awhile to get credit card approval. The internet has changed that all overnight. Now you can get approval in minutes.

Your information is taken, put in to the computer and processed. Your immediate response will be approved, declined or we need more information.

Credit Scores have made it possible

The credit card companies have access to your credit history through the credit reporting bureaus. If your scores and history are good enough and you meet the requirements you will have instant approval.

The biggest advantage of doing the application online is that it also gives you the option to compare the cost of credit offered from a lot of card companies before accepting one.

Conditional approval

People with a good or excellent credit rating can usually get instant approval, however, people with less than perfect credit scores might have to wait, If your score is marginal they might want to review a few more pieces of information. The credit card company will get a full credit report from all the reporting bureaus, assess the detail then make a determination. This may take 2 weeks, at the end of that time you will either be approved or possibly rejected if your credit is very bad.

They will notify you by mail of their decision. If approved your card should be with the letter. If they deny you the letter will explain why they turned you down. This information will tell you which credit reporting bureau gave them the negative information. It is a good idea to get a copy of that bureau’s report and make sure everything is correct.

How to apply

After doing extensive research into credit card companies and what they offer, all you have to do is pick the one you want, go online and fill out the forms. They will process the application and let you know the results.

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